Photos © Christa Neuenhofer 01 Skanda Sasti at Tiruchendur 02 Lord Murugan has emerged from His Kanda Sasti Mandapam 03 Lord Murugan, surrounded by devotees 04 Lord Murugan`s spears 04a Elephant-faced titan Gajamukha 05 Gajamukha, 1st manifestation of Surapadman, approaches Lord Murugan 06 Gajamukha, 1st manifestation of Surapadman, approaches Lord Murugan 2 07 Lord Murugan and the demon face each other 08 A young priest, representing Lord Murugan, beheads the demon Gajamukha with his sword 09 The demon Gajamukha has been beheaded 10 A new head (of Simhamukha, the 'Lion-faced' demon) is mounted on the asura's body 11 The fight of Simhamukha and Lord Murugan also ends with this manifestation of the demon being beheaded 12 The 3rd transformation, the demon Surapadman himself, starts a new attack 13 The demon Surapadman approaches Lord Murugan 14 The demon Surapadman has reached Lord Murugan 15 Lord Murugan defeats Surapadman and the demon is beheaded 16 The 4th manifestation, a live cock, is put on the asura's body 17 The cock, representing the demon`s spirit, starts the final attack 18 The young priest symbolically kills the cock, the demon`s spirit 19 With the (symbolic) killing of the cock the  demon is finally completely defeated 20 The cock, the Lord's banner-symbol, is fixed on Lord Murugan`s spear Home Page