Sadhu Sadhananda Seva Gurukulam

For the past 25 years, in the midst of so many hurdles, Sadhu Sadhananda Seva Gurukulam Home for Destitute Children has been doing meritorious service in Tiruchendur.

We feel proud to say that, by the patronage and help of philanthropists like yourself, more than a thousand boys and girls have been brought up and given quality education by the Gurukulam during these fourteen years. Now they are well settled in different parts of Tamil Nadu.

We submit to state that during these years, for food, shelter, cloths, education and medicine for these destitute children, we have incurred an expenditure of nearly rupees fifteen lakhs.

Seeing that there was no suitable accommodation for the children, two kind-hearted devotees of Lord Muruga, Mr. Sreenivasan and Mr. Eeswaramohan from London came forward to pay a monthly rent of Rs. 2,000. By their help our children are now staying happily in a spacious and comfortable house.

Now, in the Destitute Home, thirty children, ranging from age 2 to 15, are residing and studying in different schools. We plan to admit more children.

Orphans of Sadhu Sadhananda Seva Gurukulam blessed with a visit by the Kanchi Shankaracharya

We request you to kindly have sympathy on the destitute children, consider them as our own children, and extend your help in any way you find suitable, for providing good education and a prosperous life to them.

During important festivals and any auspicious functions at your home please think of the poor children of this have also and help them.

Yours in the service of humanity,
on behalf of the Executive Commitee,

A. Nallathambi, President
Sadhu Sadhananda Seva Gurukulam Home for Destitute Children
Reg. No. 49/1988

Tiru A. Nallathambi, President
Sadhu Sadhananda Seva Gurukulam
Destitute Childrens Home
128/76, Sannathi Street
Thiruchendur—628 215 India
Phone: 91 (4639) 42352
Res. No: 49/1988