Sri Subrahmanya Swami Devasthanam, Tiruchendur, South India

Senthil Andavar Annadana Sabhai
Kanda Sasti Annadānam at Tiruchendur

2020 Kanda Sasti Festival

2020 Kanda Sasti festival dates

November 15, 2020 November 16, 2020 November 17, 2020 November 18, 2020 November 19, 2020 November 20, 2020 November 21, 2020
Kanda Sasti Day 1 Kanda Sasti Day 2 Kanda Sasti Day 3 Kanda Sasti Day 4 Kanda Sasti Day 5 Soora Samharam (Day 6) Tiru Kalyanam
Thavatiru Muttu Irulaayi Ammaiyar coordinates annadanam at Tiruchendur Kanda Sasti
Muttu Irulaayi Ammaiyar directs annadanam
Annadanam Sabha members help Ammaiyar
Senthil Andavar Annadanam Sabha adiyars

Muttu Irulaayi Ammaiyar of Manamadurai is a exceptionally dedicated adiyaar of Lord Senthil Andavar and Goddess Mari Amman. She met her guru, a Brahmin employed as a cook in his native Ramanathapuram, twenty years ago at Tiruchendur. With sheer determination, her guru would collect donations so he could cook and serve annadanam to hundreds of poor devotees at Tiruchendur during Kanda Sasti.

Along with a growing band of devotees who serve hundreds of devotees daily tiffin, lunch, and dinner, Muttu Irulaayi Ammaiyar and her followers, who are all from humble backgrounds, serve the poorest and humblest of Lord Senthil Andavar's devotees annually at Tiruchendur. Yet despite months of fund-raising annually, they find it more and more difficult to find the funds needed to purchase rice, vegetables, oil, and other provisions needed to serve so many devotees.

Murugan Bhakti encourages devotees to feed the Lord's poor devotees during Kanda Sasti (many of whom only take one meal per day during Sashti). Rupees 75/- (~US$ 1.25) only covers one sumptuous vegetarian meal. For US$60 only, you can feed 50 devotees. Muttu Irulāyi Ammaiyar and her devotees serve unpaid as bhaktars, so your donation brings the maximum value for the minimum cost.

Note: Annadanam at Tiruchendur can be arranged during Kanda Sasti festival only.

Senthil Andavar Annadhana Sabhai
(Registration No. 444/2010)
18/6, Pattar Street
64-C, Bhagabath Agraharam
Manamadurai – 630 606
Manamadurai Post & Taluk
Śivagangai District, TN, India

Sabhai Officers

  • Managing Trustee Muthu Irulayee Ammaiyar (Rajendran Muthuirulai): mobile no. 9943189909

Account Name: Muthuirulai, Rajendran
Account No: 34053410140
Bank Name: State Bank of India

State Bank of India
Indl. Complex, Sipcot – 7055
Manamadurai – 630606
Sivagangai District
Tamilnadu, India

Branch Code: 7055
MICR Code: 623002606

How to sponsor annadanam at Tiruchendur for Kanda Sasti in 2016:

  • Contact Muttu Irulaayi Ammaiyar by phone at (+91) 994 3189909
  • Send your donation directly to Ammaiyar's bank account (details above)
  • OR send by Western Union to Muthuirulai, R. (Ammaiyar's lay name).
  • Contact Murugan Bhakti editor Patrick Harrigan by email at
  • Attend Tiruchendur Kanda Sasti and contribute or volunteer for annadanam service.
Sponsor an annadanam at Tiruchendur
More photos of Muttu Irulāyi Ammaiyar at Tiruchendur and Kathirkama Pada Yatra
Download the Trust deed of Senthil Andavar Annadhana Sabhai
Senthil Andavar Annadhana Sabhai
Sponsor an annadanam at Tiruchendur
More photos of Muttu Irulāyi Ammaiyar at Tiruchendur and Kathirkama Pada Yatra