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Tiru Murugan screensaver

by on June 22, 2021

Brighten up your day with a customized Murugan Bhakti screensaver featuring these six changing aspects of Tiru Murugan:

Click on the image below to download Tiru Murugan screensaver (2,245 kb). Save the file Murugan_bhakti.exe to your hard drive and open it. An installation wizard will guide you.

click to install Tiru Murugan screensaver

Tiruchendur Seashore Temple desktop wallpaper

Brighten up your day with a customized desktop wallpaper featuring Tiruchendur Seashore Temple or Murugan Jñāna Pandita.

Tiruchendur Seashore Temple

Tiruchendur Seashore Temple for 800×600 pixel display (45 kb).

Click here for 1024×768 pixel display monitors (80 kb).

To install, see directions below.

Śrī Jñāna Pandita: Murugan as Expositor of Gñosis with His symbols the Vēl (Axis Mundi or Spear of Wisdom) and vehicle/totem the peacock/phoenix. Behind Him dawns the rising sun symbolising the Awakened Mind (Bodhi). Murugan as Śrī Jñāna Pandita, Expositor of Gnosis with His symbols the Vēl Āyudha or Spear of Wisdom and vehicle/totem the Peacock – Phoenix. Behind Him rises the morning Sun symbolising the awakened state (bodhi) of the j&ntildeāni or Comprehensor.

Jnanapandita 800x600
Jnanapandita 1024x768

Jñāna Pandita for 800×600 pixel display (60 kb)

Jñāna Pandita for 1024×768 pixel display (108 kb)


  1. Allow the graphic files time to display fully.
  2. Click upon the picture size matching your display monitor size in pixels (choose 800×600 if you are not sure).
  3. RIGHT-click upon the full-size image.
  4. On your pull-down menu go to File > Save As…
  5. Save the file to a folder on your hard drive.
  6. Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Display > Background
  7. Use the “browse” function to point at the file you have saved on your hard drive.
  8. Picture Display setting should be ‘center’
  9. Press ‘apply’ and then ‘okay’
  10. Your desktop should display the selected picture.
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