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Devasthanam Accommodations

by on June 25, 2021

The Devasthanam maintains a large number of rooms and cottages for the convenience of pilgrims who wish to put up close by to Śrī Subrahmanya Swami Tirukkovil in order to have darshan and fulfill their vows. Most rooms and cottages are family-sized.

All rooms and cottages provide basic facilities, viz. electricity and running water only. Cottages also offer limited parking facility. During festival times these accommodations tend to fill up quickly, so the pilgrims are advised to book in advance.

The four lodges—Arumuga Vilas, Jeyanthinathar Viduthi, Senthil Andavar Viduthi, Velavan Kudil, Devar cottage and Velavan Viduthi run directly by the Tiruchendur temple Devsathanam Board—include 287 units  (cottages, single and double rooms). In addition the Devasthanam has 66 private cottages, able to accommodate six members each, under its administrative control. For reservations of these rooms, contact the Devasthanam Information Centre. For further details call (+91) 04639-242271.

AccommodationDescriptionUnitsPersons per UnitFacilitiesCost per day
Arumuga Vilas (downstairs)AC cottages53attached bathRs 500
Arumuga Vilas, downstairsnon-AC cottages23attached bathRs 250
Arumuga Vilas, upstairsnon-AC cottages104attached bathRs 400
Devar CottageAC suites22common dining hall
seafront porch
Rs 500 per suite
Jeyanthi Nathar Viduthi, A-Classdouble bedrooms64 persons allowed.attached bathRs 100
Jeyanthi Nathar Viduthi, B-Classdouble bedrooms1083 persons allowed.attached bathRs 80
Velavan Viduthi, A-Classdouble bedrooms44 persons allowed.attached bathRs 100
Velavan Viduthi, B-Classdouble bedrooms363 persons allowed.attached bathRs 80
Velavan Viduthi, C-Classsingle bedrooms332 persons allowed.common bathRs 50
Senthil Andavan Viduthi, A-classdouble bedrooms44 persons allowed.attached bathRs 100
Senthil Andavan Viduthi, B-classdouble bedrooms604 persons allowed.attached bathRs 80
Senthil Andavan Viduthi, C-classsingle bedrooms162 persons allowed.common bathRs 50
Own Your Own Cottagescottages61three personsavailable 60 days
per year to owners
Rs 200
Own Your Own Cottage, downstairs
(Anaimalai Retrading Corp, Pollachi)
cottage1three personsavailable 60 days
per year to owner
Rs 250
Own your Cottage, RamCo (upstairs)cottages24 persons allowed.attached bathRs 400
Own your Cottage, RamCo (downstairs)cottages23 persons allowed.attached bathRs 250
Velaiya Kudilcottages2three bedsattached bathRs 400

Other Facilities

Senthil Andavar Viduthi
  1. For single persons locker and stay facility (50 people) are available in Senthil Andavan Viduthi for Rs 5/ per person per day.
  2. Locker facilities available in Teyvayanai Illam in front of the Temple for Rs 5 per piece per day.

Particulars provided by:

  • Mr. P. Alagiri, Superintendent, Devasthanam Accommodations
  • Mr. R. Ganapathy (Peishkar), Devasthanam Public Relations Officer
  • V. Śivanathan, Manager, Devasthanam Accommodations
  • S. Subramanian, Devasthanam Accommodations Clerk

For further details call (04639) 242271.

Own Your Cottages
Own Your Cottages
Arumuga Vilasam Cottages
Arumuga Vilasam Cottages
Jeyanthi Nathar Viduthi
Jeyanthi Nathar Viduthi