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Adi Sankara, the great sage who advocated the doctrine of Advaita, visited Tiruchendur temple, worshipped the Lord and received the ‘prasad’ wrapped in the leaf of panneer tree.

Senthil Andavan, Lord of Infinite Grace

by Adiyaron November 12, 2022
At Tiruchendur, Lord Murugan appears as an embodiment of beauty, flanked by Valli and Tevayanai.
Tiruchendur Sri Subrahmanya Swami Devasthanam

Śrī Subrahmanya Swāmi Devasthānam, Tiruchendur

by Adiyaron January 2, 2022
The seashore temple of Subrahmanyam at Tiruchendur is one of the delightful spots sanctified and venerated by every Hindu.

The illustrated story of the Dutch marauders at Tiruchendur in 1648-53

Dutch Piracy at Tiruchendur 1648-53

by Adiyaron January 1, 2022
The illustrated story of the Dutch marauders at Tiruchendur in 1648-53

Images and Icons

by Adiyaron December 21, 2021

Valli Guhai drawing

Gallery of Devasthanam Images

by Adiyaron November 25, 2021
Gallery of Devasthanam Images
Tiruchendur Kanda Sasti Surasamharam 2014

Kanda Sasti Surasamharam photo gallery

by Adiyaron November 24, 2021
The climax of Skanda Sasti is on the sixth day when the Surasamharam takes place. Archives

by Adiyaron November 7, 2021
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Soorasamharam at Tiruchendur

கந்த சஷ்டி கொண்டாடுவது ஏன்?

by Adiyaron November 7, 2021
முருகப்பெருமான் சூரபத்மனை, ஐப்பசி மாதம் வளர்பிறை சஷ்டியன்று வெற்றி கொண்டு ஆட்கொண்டார்.

When the sea suddenly grew boisterous, the Dutch pirates threw the icons into the sea.

Dutch depredations of 1646-1651

by Adiyaron July 6, 2021
What happened to Dutch pirates who tried to loot Tiruchendur Temple in 1648?
Soorasamharam at Tiruchendur

Kanta Casti Cūra Camhāram

by Adiyaron July 5, 2021
Soorasamharam is celebrated as the last day of the auspicious Skanda Sasti fasting.