Sri Subrahmanya Swami Devasthanam, Tiruchendur, South India

Śrī Adi Sankaracharya's Subrahmanya Bhujanga

An Introductory Note by Tiruppugazhmani, Rajyasevapravina T.M. Krishnaswami Ayyar

Adi Sankaracharya
Adi Sankarāchārya

Subrahmanya Bhujanga stotra of Śrī Sankaracharya is a production of rare merit invaluable to the seeker of the grace of Lord Kumara. In the concentrated meditation of His divine form the heart of the great Sankaracharya took flood and over the flood of his piety the Bhujanga Stotra floated forth in verse.

The very beginning connotes the psychology of its birth. Forgetful of the self and, hence of all acquired knowledge and mastery of learning and poesy stood the Great World Teacher before the altar of Śrī Shanmukha at Tiruchendur. The Lord entered His heart, verses flowed. The Acharya knew not.

This stotra, the Bhujanga Stotra, is the outcome of the Acharya's ecstasy. It is the high road that connects the human mind with the divine ecstasy.

An earnest recital of the stotra, repeated with zest and earnestness induces the ecstasy of which it is the product. This is the value of the great works of Atma Anubhava of the Great ones. The bhavas and the philosophy bear instructive analogy to the Anubhuti of Śrī Arunagiri.

God Subrahmanya is the one God for all, of all castes and creeds inclusive of the out-castes and un-touchables so called. Through His Grace man can effect the conquest of His senses and by attuning His will with the Supreme become the master of His fate and the rich recipient of Divine Bliss. This theme of the Skanda Purana is found replete in this Bhujanga Stotra. May the World profit by this publication.

The Subrahmanya Ashtotra

To this is added the Ashtotra 108 names of the Lord descriptive of His powers, Form, mercy and achievements. Even one recital every day is bound to produce a harmonious and equable mental atmosphere, which is the true sine quo non of a successful life. The Great Ones have blessed the World with these stotras that with their aid people may ascend to the heights of Ecstasy from which they sprang. Will they be disappointed in this or the succeeding generaions? Let humanity answer.

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