Sri Subrahmanya Swami Devasthanam, Tiruchendur, South India

Incident about Vadamalaiappa Pillayyan 300 years ago

Another incident in regard to this mandagappadi is of particular interest. As this annual festival was continued for years, Kattabomma Nayakkar, the powerful poligar of Panjalamkurichi, also a great devotee of the lord of Tiruchendur, built another mantapa here, and made arrangements to take the Lord directly to his mantapa on the 7th day instead of as usual into the Pillayyan's mantapa. Vadamalaiappa Pillayyan, knowing the power of the Poligar, dared not go against his wishes.

All arrangements were made and the Lord's procession was started from the temple. But to the surprise of all, a cyclonic wind started all of a sudden and the bearers of the palanquin were tossed from place to place by the wind and shower of sand.

When at last they rested with the passing of the cyclone they and the God found themselves in Pillayyan's mantapa! Kattabomma came to his senses and blamed his own indiscreetness. He called for Pillayyan and offered his respects to him as a true bhakta. The event is perpetuated in verse by a poet of 150 years ago. A couple of his verses are given below: