Sri Subrahmanya Swami Devasthanam, Tiruchendur, South India
Tiruchendur seashore temple
Tiruchendur seashore temple of Lord Senthil Andavar

The Teerthas

Nine teerthas or sacred bathing places are mentioned in the stala purāna. A bath in the sea itself is one, described as of great spiritual merit. Two miraculous manifestations are recorded, and they are one, that Brahma having one of his heads nipped away by Śiva got it restored after a bath here; and that Angasundari, a Pandya princess born with the face of a horse, got her beautiful face after a bath at the Vathanarambha Teertha.

Twenty-four stone pillars with inscriptions thereon set up at intervals on the beach mark the special significances recorded therein to bathe at those particular spots.

  1. Mukaramba TÓrtha
  2. Tevayānai TÓrtha;
  3. Lakshmi TÓrtha;
  4. Siddhar TÓrtha;
  5. Ashta Dikpāla TÓrtha;
  6. Gayatri TÓrtha;
  7. Savitri TÓrtha;
  8. Saraswati TÓrtha;
  9. Iravada TÓrtha;
  10. Tirusuli TÓrtha;
  11. Valli TÓrtha;
  12. Durga TÓrtha;
  13. Ganana TÓrtha;
  14. Satya TÓrtha;
  15. Dharma TÓrtha;
  16. Muni TÓrtha;
  17. Deva TÓrtha;
  18. Pavanāsa TÓrtha;
  19. Skanda Pushkarani TÓrtha;
  20. Seeta TÓrtha;
  21. Dasa Gangas TÓrtha;
  22. Gandhamathana TÓrtha;
  23. Matru TÓrtha; and
  24. Pitru TÓrtha.