Sri Subrahmanya Swami Devasthanam, Tiruchendur, South India
Muladana Mutalvan: Śrī Senthil Andavar
Muladana Mutalvan:
Śrī Senthil Andavar

The Sanctum of Subrahmaniyam

The principal sanctum of this great temple is that of Subrahmanyam, the Lord of Sendhil. His is a lithic figure and seen in a standing posture. He faces the East. Near to his left is the Śivalinga Jagannatha, who receives the daily pujas along with the principal deity of Subrahmaniyam. Possibly this is the Śivalinga worshipped by Subrahmanyam, as the original nucleus of the temple was constructed by Mayan. How this original shrine has been actually carved out of the living Kandamadana Parvatha has been referred to.

Portions of the original cliff are still to be seen as left as far as possible to form the circuit walls and pillars, and the reinforcements of stone to support the stone superstructure of this sanctum sanctorum. The Pambarai is a further vestige of it. It is a maze-like circumambular corridor that runs round the sanctum sanctorum. At the extreme end of it are to be found five Śivalingas in a group. These are not in worship now.

The principal sanctum has all the full complement of mantapas. The arthamantapa is guarded by Virabahu to the left, and Vira-mahendra to the right of the entrance. The Gana-Nāyaka, Ganesa and Pārvati, the divine Mother are installed in this mantapa to the left. Potris officiate at this principal shrine, and, thrice in the day abhishekams are performed to Subrahmanyam.