Sri Subrahmanya Swami Devasthanam, Tiruchendur, South India

Temple Tiruppanis (Part Six)

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Samadhis of the three great Tiruppanikal
Samādhis of the three great Tiruppanikal (temple builders) Mauna Swami, Kasi Swami and Arumuga Swami at Tiruchendur near Nazhi-kinaru.

The Swami's next projected work was the renovation of the principal Gopuram of the Temple, which had again deteriorated. The stucco work of the several figures on the eastern and northern sides of it had greatly disintegrated, almost the whole of the mortar having fallen into powder, leaving alone the skeleton in brick. The work needed an urgent renovation. In 1934 he put up the needed elaborate and intricate scaffolding at a cost of about six thousands of rupees. This work took about a year and a half.

The divine call was felt to be near. By a will he made over the whole of the Tiruppani properties and funds to Subrahmanya Swami Himself, and ordained the Executive Officer of the Devasthanam and his successors-in-office to manage the funds as the Tiruppani Trustee after him. The document was executed and registered on 25-04-1934. He was spared however for six more years, various objects occupying his mind and hands.

On 7th June 1940 Arumukha Swami was gathered to the feet of the Lord in his 75th year. He lies in samadhi next to Kasi Swami and Mauna Swami. Three distinct buildings marking the places where they are interred are on the southern beach overlooking the expansive sea, and laid to eternal sleep in Śivam by the lullabies of the sea air and of its waves. The next year, the entire Tiruppani was consecrated and Kumbabishekam performed on 26 June 1941.

The Tiruppani and its properties are now being administered by the Executive Officer of the Devasthanam as per terms of the Will referred to and subject to the directions of fhe Madras Hindu Religious Endowments Board. A figure of Arumukha Swami in stucco is to be seen from within the third prakara on the left side of the second gopura of five floors. This gopura has been renovated by him. On the other side of it is to be seen the figure of the originator of the Tiruppani Desika Murti Thambiran. The statues of Mauna Swami and Kasi Swami now adorn the two columns, next to that of Desika Murti Tambiran in front of Valli's shine in the second prakara of the temple.

With no worldly wealth to call their own, these three noble souls had laboured in the re-building of this great House of Muruga. Their example will live for all times, symbolic of their unattached, selfless and devoted service to God and their fellow men.

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