Sri Subrahmanya Swami Devasthanam, Tiruchendur, South India

Miraculous Healing Power of Tiruchendur Vibhuti

Date: Friday, 3 October 2003


I would like to share my personal experience with Lord Murugan. I had wanted to offer my hair to the Lord of Tiruchendur since my childhood and the opportunity came in March 2003 when I along with my parents went and I made the offering to the Lord.

My father who is 70 years old had been suffering from severe psoriasis for the past three years. He was taking allopathic treatment and this was to no avail instead resulting in only monetary loss. My father never evinced interest in God and never used to go to temples. Both his hands right from his elbow to the wrist were covered with a thick layer of wound like skin formations and eruptions. He always used to wear a full sleeved shirt in order to avoid embarrassing looks from others.

I am basically from Nagerkoil town (Kanya Kumari district, Tamilnadu state). After having visited my native town we went to Tiruchendur on 19th March 2003 and offered our prayers to the almighty. I made the hair offering on the 20th the next day. I tonsured my head early in the morning before 6 a.m. and took a bath in the sea.

Later my parents and I went to the temple premises, which was heavily crowded as the previous day was Panguni Uttiram day of Lord Muruga. We went around the temple and finally entered the sannidhi of the lord. The priests gave us a hand full of vibhuti (holy ash) which we promptly smeared on our body. My mother and I advised father to smear it on the affected parts of the skin and my father obliged. We returned back to Hyderabad on the 26th of March. My father did not apply any medicine to the skin in the meantime.

Believe me, I swear, on the 30th of March, lo and behold! I was surprised to see the hands of my father were smooth and without any infection. Even my mother could not believe her eyes when she saw this. My father's disease has vanished into thin air. The affected part now looks as normal as any other part of the skin.

Since then my father started reciting mantras, especially the all powerful Skanda Shashti Kavacam and is now a devoted Murugan bhakta. I would like every one to share my experience and also build credence in the all-powerful Murugan.

Thanking you,

Mani Vikneswaran