Sri Subrahmanya Swami Devasthanam, Tiruchendur, South India

Puranic Account (continued)

As the Warlord of the Gods, as became his divine commission, he was known as Kārttikeya. He then proceeded from Kailāsa to the South on his mission of subduing the Asuras, and freeing the Devas from their cruel bondage. At Tiruchendur, He and his hosts encamped. Kārttikeya desired a shrine of Śiva for his worship. Mayan the celestial architect constructed the shrine for Śiva at this sea-front.
Muruga appears in Tiruchendur to answer the devas' prayers
Muruga appears in Tiruchendur to answer the devas' prayers.

Kārttikeya, as the son of the supreme Śiva Mahadeva, then led his hosts and proceeded with the war against the asuras. For five days Surapatuma's sons, brothers, and their mighty hosts gave battle on land, under the sea, and in the air and most of them perished. On the sixth day, Surapatuma alone survived.

The Lord's last bid to show the asura His grace was His Visvarūpa darshan. The asura realised Whom he was fighting but his pride prevailed. He would not give in and be subdued. He still gave battle from region to region.